Independent Specialist Care for your BMW Motorcycle
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Here at Rainbow Workshop we use replacement parts that meet or exceed BMW's specification.
Genuine BMW parts can be used if your bike is still under warranty, please enquire at the time of booking for any pricing difference.
Take advantage of our BMW trained technician and the savings we can offer you over having your bike serviced by a main dealer!

MOT due? Why not take advantage of our special offer.
We will 'pre MOT' your bike and have the MOT carried out for you for just £39.99
Please note that MOT's are by appointment only.
R Series Motorcycles 1993 to 2004

BMW R1100S
R1100S *
6k Service
12k Service
Annual Service

* For 'Twin Spark' models please add £15.00
NB: Published prices are guaranteed until December 31 2024

For bikes equipped with Servo Assisted ABS please enquire for details of additional expenses incurred in servicing this system.

What's included in my service?

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